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The rules for submitting links to be displayed here are basically that the website owner must consider their website or resource of high quality (i.e. not an amateur style site). The website or resource must not be marketed in terms of "amateur". As such we hope you will find these links of interest and to a high professional standard. In addition we have checked each link to ensure it doesn't lead to any sites which open pop ups or have malicious code. However, please note that while that was correct at the time of adding the sites, things change and so we cannot be held responsible for anything you encounter through following any of these links. However, if you have a bad experience please let us know at webmaster@highglamourporn.com. WEBMASTERS: If you would like to link exchange with us please see the bottom of the page for details.


The rules are that your site must NOT be marketed towards the amateur niche. This site specializes in high quality glamour and porn only. Therefore you must believe that your site is professional and contains material of better quality then commonly found on websites marketed towards 'amateur'. A few things:

a) There is nothing wrong with 'amateur' - it's simply we are focusing on high end here. If amateur is your thing that's great. We're into the other end of things...

b) Whether your stuff is actually high quality or not is not a judgement we are making. All we want to see is that you are not using 'amateur' as a marketing label. In other words you are aspiring to high quality professional content.

c) We will NOT link to anything we consider vaguely illegal or distasteful. Otherwise pretty much anything goes.

d) You must display one of our banners and link back to us. Sites which hide their links pages will not be accepted. We expect as much visibility on your site as we give you here.

e) Banners submitted for this page must not exceed 468x80 pixels. Any banners larger then this will be rejected. If you prefer a text link that's fine - just send us what text you'd like displayed.

f) We may highlight and write a mini review of sites we particularly like that appear on this page and we think should have attention drawn to them. We do this by personal decision. We do not write reviews by request or by payment. It's purely if we particularly like something we'll highlight it.

To exchange links please take one of the banners below and place it on your links page linked back to www.highglamourporn.com. Then email webmaster@highglamourporn.com with your own banner and where you wish it to be linked to. Include the URL where you have put up our banner.